Light Pollution

“44% of the germans under 30 have never seen the milky way”

Light pollution is excessive, misdirected or obtrusive artifical light.

Pollution is the adding of/added light itself in analogy to added sound, carbon dioxide etc.

Video “Der Verlust der Nacht” of the ¬†International Dark-Sky Association

“Lichtverschmutzung – Das Ende der Nacht” will be the title of a presentation I will hold in December in the context of the work group astronomy. Details will follow.

It is something that has an impact on all of us, particulary to astronomers and astrophotographers.

My goals in this section are:

  • Introduction of the topic
  • Point out the development of the light pollution
  • Quantify light pollution (Bortle scale, SQM etc)
  • Impact on human beings and wildlife
  • Impact on Astronomy
  • Execute, prepare and present measurements (SQM, limiting magnitude)
  • Possible solutions

Constallation Orion under natural (left) and light polluted (right) sky