“Per Aspera Ad Astra – Through hardship to the stars”

Astrophotography exhibition at the Hangar-7

Astrophotography by the Astronomy Working Group of the “Haus der Natur Salzburg”

Organization: Wolfgang Krispler

In December 2015 I had the idea to present the images of the Astronomy Working group a wider audience. Nothing ventured, nothing gained was the motto I followed when sending an inquiry to the Hangar-7 and receiving a positive notice in January 2016.

After a 7 month preparation phase now 35 astroimages on 10 exhibition walls may be admired.

The following images of myself are on exhibition:

M42-Der OrionnebelMessier 13 (Herkuleshaufen)

IC5070-Der Pelikannebel im SchwanNGC 7000 - Der NordamerikanebelIC 434 - Der Pferdekopfnebel